Cyber Security

In the age of digitization, protecting your organization from cyber attacks and keeping your data secure is critical to your business and reputation.

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Experts in Innovative Cyber Security Services

Amid increasing cyber threats, Experis provides both strategic advisory services and ensures 24/7 security for your organization. Delivering managed SOC services, our expert team performs risk analysis, penetration testing to locate vulnerabilities, and monitoring to operationalize your security strategies.

Cyber Security Services

Our customer-centric approach delivers the best all-encompassing cyber security services to your organization.

Professional Resourcing

Through professional resourcing, we get your workforce ready for digital transformation. We attract and match talent with in-demand skills as well as provide critical training for roles such as: Security Architects CISSIP-ISSAP, Security Engineers, Azure AZ-500; Security Administrators, Microsoft 365, and MS-500.

Advisory – Governance, Risk & Compliance

We help organizations set security goals tailored to their needs and advise on the most efficient ways to achieve them. Our services include: Cybersecurity and Risk Management (ISO27001/5, NIST), Risk Analysis, Audits, Culture Mapping, CISO as a Service, PCI, GDPR/Privacy and DPO as a Service.

Security Monitoring

We monitor system activity with heightened security. Our managed SIEM/SOC services are available 24/7 and use cutting edge technology to monitor, identify and mitigate cyber threats.

Security Testing

Our comprehensive security testing reveals vulnerabilities and a roadmap for how to secure them. This includes vulnerability scanning, testing code and APIs, penetration testing and social manipulation.

Supply Chain Risk Management

As digital transformation accelerates, organizations need to deliver online services quickly and efficiently. Our managed service audits suppliers’ systems, alerting the organization and their suppliers if vulnerabilities exists and certifying when the risks are resolved.