A smooth transition to the cloud

Experis guides and supports your cloud adoption efforts, based on a proven and multidimensional methodology that is aligned with your context and needs and that takes security and compliance into account.

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Promote Cloud adoption and innovation

Organizations sometimes struggle with the transition to the Cloud because they lack the necessary expertise, either in-house or in their ecosystem.

Our Cloud and infrastructure experts work side-by-side with you in your path to cloud adoption, on the definition of your cloud migration roadmap and its implementation, and on the optimization and modernization of your infrastructure.

Our methodology

Our experts guide you from the outset in the transformation of your infrastructure, starting with the proposal of scenarios that match your organization's needs and reality, and concluding with the alignment of your processes with the new cloud architecture and operations.

Assessment, recommendations, and planning

The assessment is the first step in any transformation project. Our cloud professionals work with you to evaluate your current situation, the sensitivity of your data and applications, and your overall needs, in order to define a target, a cloud adoption plan and select the right partners.

Architecture and governance

We build your Cloud architecture so that it adapts perfectly to your current and future needs. Our governance practices complement your existing policies while driving cloud adoption and innovation. Our comprehensive approach takes into account the management of security, costs, deployment, consistency, and identity.

Migration and optimization

Our methodologies for migrating and optimizing your infrastructure rely on certified tools and on a simple automation to deploy the essential elements of your cloud infrastructure, including:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Backup and recovery

Through our managed service solutions, we work side-by-side with you to ensure the proper operation of your cloud infrastructure, so it is always aligned with your business needs.